It's Nice to Be On Top!

In my analysis today of our Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Sevierville real estate market sales for the month of May I came across a very pleasant fact:

For the first 5 months of 2009, yours truly is NUMBER ONE in total unit sales among all of the 500+ agents in our Great Smoky Mountain Association of Realtors. Really, I'm not kidding - Here is the link to the year to date ranking based on the total number of units sold:

Year-to-Date Agent Ranking

The number one position in the report is claimed by "All other agents combined" which is just a little confusing. If any real estate agent who is not a member of our local board (say from Knoxville or some other surrounding community) makes a sale here those are all lumped together in this "catch all" category. You will also note that two of our team's three buyer specialists on our Schoenfield Team were also in the top 50 of all area agents. This is important because many (if not most) other Gatlinburg area real estate teams report all of their sales under the team leader's name while we choose to report our sales individually giving credit where credit is due. If you combine my sales with those of the rest of our team we are even more clearly leading the pack. The market leading performance we have enjoyed is actually a testimony to the hard working members of our team, both licensed and the folks in the office who do most of the heavy lifting for us. As is true on a football team, the really tough work is done in the trenches by people who don't get much credit or glory even though they often work the hardest. To all of our team members, thanks for your hard work! For market leading performance when buying or selling Gatlinburg area real estate, please contact us!


Steve said…
No suprise here, Jeff. We've known each other since 1998 and everything you've said concerning land and real estate has been on the money. In a world where its easy to streach things, you know the industry and do not have a problem giving straight advise. It helps being honest. You are.
adrin said…
Its good news to be on the top in the real estate market. It could not be possible without your team effort and the hard work of your team members.

Boise real estate
It is without a doubt the efforts of our entire team (and the grace of God) that have provided the success that we have enjoyed.

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