Excellent Service Always Wins

There are many components to the success of any business.  Your product must be something the public wants, your price must be competitive, your location convenient, the management professional, and the marketing must be effective.  Above all of these however is the quality of your service which is absolutely key.  We have recently witnessed a new business that has dramatically succeeded at a site on which the last two efforts failed quickly.  Our national and local economies haven't been the best recently but that hasn't changed yet.

Firehouse Subs now has their first location in Sevier County on the same site where Charley's and another business quickly failed.  What's the difference you ask??  All of the factors listed above have been attained and the results are dramatic.  In the entire chain nationwide, our Firehouse Subs location in Sevierville is #1 in sales.  This isn't just a honeymoon period success either as the location has been open for a few months now.  While not every business is successful in the Great Smoky Mountains owners here have excellent chances of succeeding due to the high volume of vacationing families here in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Sevierville area.

What is the real estate connection to this post?  Simple - Our Gatlinburg real estate business is no different than a sub shop really.  The components required for success are the same but our product is really our service that we offer.  By providing professional service to clients looking to buy or sell real estate here in the Smokies we have succeeded nicely.  Over the past 13 years, we have consistently been at or near the top in sales volume individually and as a company.  During the current very challenging market, nobody has sold more homes than we have this year.  Why? - Because of the level of service that we provide.  Test us - Let us help you buy or sell real estate here in the Smokies!!


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