Sales Down But We're Still Busy!

I have often said that we sometimes get too busy to post and that has certainly been the case of late but this is ridiculous! Can't remember ever going this long between posts but there is a LOT going on. We are pursuing an additional business (self storage mini-warehouse spaces), have secured a wonderful new office in Sevierville, adding lots of new properties to our rental management division, and still maintaining a busy pace in our core real estate business. Makes me tired just to sum it up!

Since I failed to post anything at the end of May, let me cover that first. May wasn't great for the majority of real estate agencies here in the Gatlinburg area. In fact, for the first time in over a year, we didn't exceed the reported residential sales from a year ago and the same lackluster performance was repeated in May when compared to the white hot market of a year ago. While there will no doubt be more sales reported for May, the numbers aren't great. Here are the results:


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