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Just Listed - Large Riverfront Log Home on 3.96 Acres with Total Privacy! (Owner/Agent)

Every once in a while, an opportunity arises that we just can't pass up and this fantastic log sided home certainly fell into this category. Private, without another home anywhere in sight, this 3-bedroom, 3-bath house with 3 master suites is located in the coveted Pittman Center area and is perfect as either a residence or a vacation home. This stunning property features over 280 feet of pristine riverfront on the beautiful cascading white water of the Little Pigeon River and this is no postage stamp sized lot either. It is actually a huge parcel of just under 4 acres. From either of the full length decks, you can view & listen to the beautiful rushing river below. Inside, there is also plenty of room to spread out, with over 3,000 square feet of heated & cooled living space, with large rooms and lots of glass.
Should you ever become tired of being alone, Dollywood is less than 20 minutes away but you would never know it from how perfectly peaceful this location is:
If d…

The Most Financially Responsible Person I Have EVER Met!

After working as a real estate professional for over 20 years, I have been blessed to have sold well over 1,000 homes and have worked with hundreds of clients. None of this prepared me for the client that purchased a Sevierville home from me on Friday. Danielle is a young lady only 26 years of age, but financially speaking she is much wiser than 99% of American adults of any age. You see, this is the second home that she has purchased, and she has already paid off the mortgage on the first home that she bought only 6 years ago. You might think that she earns a ton of money or that she inherited a large sum, or maybe even think that she won the lottery but none of these is true. She has managed to have zero debt, holds $30,000 plus of cash reserves, and has purchased her second house purely because of how frugal she is. She simply doesn't waste money, for anything!

After spending time with Danielle, I am convinced that she could teach a LOT of people a great deal. Things like not s…

No Foolin, March Sales ROCK!!!

This is no April Fools joke, the pace of sales for Gatlinburg area residential real estate is smoking hot! As we always remind readers, the immediate tally of sales that is reported at the end of the month is understated by at least 5-10% compared to what will eventually be reported as it takes several days for all of the closings at the end of the month to be recorded. For March however, even this preliminary number is already well above all recent March's sales and we don't even have all the results reported yet. Our own office had some sales on Friday afternoon that weren't entered into the MLS until today.

The very strong performance is somewhat surprising, when you remember that over 2500 structures were destroyed in November's fires. Still, overall the number is up and the final tally will certainly be higher. Here is the table of results as of 4/1/2017:

Too Busy to Post, Again!!!

This post is late because we are absolutely slammed. For the second month in a row, Gatlinburg area real estate sales have set a monthly record and the hot market shows no signs of cooling yet. Going all the way back to the peak of the market in 2005/2006, we have NEVER had a better February than we had in 2017. Same is true for January of 2017. Even the horrendous wildfires of November 2016 haven't slowed the pace of Smoky Mountain real estate sales. Although last year's start was pretty good (better than any previous January & February all the way back to 2006), 2017 is a full 17% ahead of last year's tally. Prices are moving up too - It's amazing what $125,000 won't now buy in Sevier County. Here are the stunningly strong numbers:
The market is strongest at the bottom end, but even the expensive houses are selling well too and there just isn't much supply. From Sevierville to Cosby, including all points in between, Sevier County real estate is rocking. I…

January Rocks!!!

Gatlinburg area sales rocketed past January 2016's tally and we haven't even got all of the sales reported yet. Because this is only the preliminary total, we could rocket past 2006's red-hot all time record of 210 sales. Here is the initial report of January 2017's blistering sales pace for Smoky Mountain residential real estate sales:
Because of some MLS data errors, January's average sales price is not shown on the report above, but hopefully will be soon...

2016 DID Finish VERY Well!!

As expected, December 2016's Gatlinburg area residential sales recorded during the year were the best since all the way back to the very strong year of 2006. Although still falling short of the all time record of 2,970 Smoky Mountain units set in 2005, 2016 was the best year for Tennessee Smoky Mountain real estate since 2005. The table below has been updated with the latest information:
Note that the average sale price jumped sharply during 2016 as well. The full impact of last year's horrendous fires is still unknown so it will be very interesting to see how strong January 2017's sales are.

Affordable Apartments Coming to Gatlinburg

On the site at 510 Ski Mountain where our office former stood, we are strongly considering building a 22 unit apartment complex. While we would love to build a larger structure, the city of Gatlinburg's parking lot requirements won't allow more units. I was recently interviewed about this planned project and you can view the interview via this link.

We are researching the Gatlinburg apartment rental market and although this space is usually dedicated to the purchase or sale of real estate, I am asking for your assistance. If you or anyone that you know is considering renting a Gatlinburg apartment, please complete the short survey that you can find by clicking here.

Although this is a very preliminary sketch, this artist's concept drawing gives an idea of what the apartments will look like:

Gatlinburg Demolition is Rolling!!

All around Gatlinburg, property owners are cleaning up their properties after the great Gatlinburg fire. Many owners are planning on rebuilding immediately, others may not replace the burned structures, but it is SO important that our community clean up the debris. If Gatlinburg is to fully recover, property owners MUST clean up the burned up wreckage even if they aren't rebuilding right now. A good indication that this is happening in earnest is the tremendous number of dump trucks that are rolling all over the city. As I travelled on Wiley Oakley Rd across the decimated Chalet Village community Friday, I shot this photo from behind the wheel of my vehicle:

Although the large dump trucks that were passing each other yesterday were locally owned and operated, the out of town companies are also working here as proven by the hastily shot photo below of another truck full of debris that I also saw Friday:
Honestly, we can use the help as over 2,400 structures were destroyed. Fortunat…

It's Official - There is No Longer an Off Season in the Smokies!!

Traditionally, the first quarter of the year has always been the quietest time here in the Gatlinburg area. The Summer season (particularly July), the Fall (especially October), and then the Spring with its wildflowers have always dwarfed the winter season, despite the lights and concerts associated with Winterfest. Interestingly, this winter has been really busy, despite the horrific fires of late November. It will be very interesting to see what the rest of the winter holds but so far, the crowds are still here and so is the traffic. We locals are used to a little break from visitors during the first quarter but that may not happen this year...