Spending Quality Time with 100 of my Smartest Friends

Every year the most productive conference I attend is the CyberStars annual summit where I learn more than any other week of the year. Open by invitation only, this group is composed of a very rare group - highly successful real estate agents who are also very technology savvy as well. Sharing great technology and customer service ideas, this meeting provides more useful gems that I can bring back to Gatlinburg than any other meeting I attend.

Yesterday, prior to today's start of the conference some of us went on a photography tour of the Sedona, Arizona. Leaving at 5 am and not returning until 10 pm, it was a very long day but the scenery was phenomenal. Not much is as pretty as the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee but the high desert of Arizona is spectacularly beautiful. Here are a couple of pictures that I took yesterday:


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