Late Rally to the Rescue!

Although the month of February ended on schedule (as it usually does) a larger number of sales than normal were posted after the end of the month. This leads to a pleasant revision of the residential unit sales figures for Gatlinburg area real estate in February. As of tonight, the total number of February home sales for our area as reported by the Great Smoky Mountain Association of Realtors is 64. Because there will likely be just a few more stragglers reporting in it may be that we will NOT set a new low in recent year's sales during a single month. November 2008's multi-year low value of 67 home sales may eventually be matched by February's similarly depressed value. While the revised upward number doesn't sound so good it is significantly better than the original value of 52 which was really sickening even when allowing for some additional sales which we knew would eventually be reported. After a review of all of the past 14 month's sales figures several minor revisions have been made. Here is the new and improved table:
A full size version of this table is available on our website and can be accessed here.


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