Only FOUR Posts in April??

There has always been a direct inverse connection between how busy our real estate office has been and the number of posts I am able to make to this blog. It's not that I don't enjoy writing articles here - I certainly do! It's just a matter of the number of hours available in the day when I am at least semi-conscious. There are most definitely topics available and there appear to be a good number of readers but the issue is plainly time. Tomorrow, we will have a preliminary look at April's Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Sevierville area residential real estate units sold but for the time being I have a simple request. Please briefly comment this blog post just to let me know who is reading my lately irregular rants. If you wish your comment to be kept private just let me know and I will not publish it.


Anonymous said…
I enjoy reading your posts. I learned alot about short sales from your last post. Thanks for the link to view all foreclosures and short sales. I noticed alot of the foreclosures had sales pending. It looks like a lot of properties are changing hands. Bob
Anonymous said…
Hey Mr Jeff,
I check your blog quite often and do enjoy reading the various topics in your posts. My Husband and I looked at a few properties last Sept with Cindy. We are still very much interested in a place there and will be contacting her again soon

Sherry & Dave W
Anonymous said…

I look forward to your posts. It lets me know you are still out there working and writing.

Norm @Summit
Anonymous said…
Jeff --

We're from Ohio and I check your blog from time to time for your insights on local market conditions. Your blog provides statistics and observations that are not availa
Anonymous said…
You are doing an excellent job with your Posts.We enjoy them.

Julius Lady
Steve said…
I read your posts more than I read my local newspaper, Jeff!!
Anonymous said…
I try to check in a couple of times each month. I always find something interesting.

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