My Wife's Dream Home

It was that time of year again last weekend when my lovely wife Karen is switching out her winter wardrobe in favor of her summer clothes. For the rest of this post to make any sense at all you have to understand that my bride has more clothes than the law should allow. Always in fashion, Karen has an outfit for every possible occasion and more likely than not more than one. Twice a year a multi-day "intra house" move occurs where clothes are shuttled up from the basement replacing the items that have spent the previous season in her multiple closets. Most people have "His and Hers" closets, we have "Hers and Hers" at our home - You get the idea.

When the seasonal change happens, it's best for me to just try and stay out of the way other than offering an occasional "Would you like me to take this box up/down for you?". It is a huge undertaking and if you haven't actually seen the immense size of my spouse's wardrobe you just wouldn't believe it. I truly think that we could retire by now if not for my wife's clothing addiction.

Now, finally, to the point of this meandering post. My wife's dream home would be a ridiculously large closet adjoining an impossibly large master bedroom with a truly minute kitchen. When someone asks me what my wife likes most to make my answer is always "Reservations". While some people are very domestic and love to cook, for Karen it is a fairly rare occurrence. The joke where a wife can't remember the name of the kitchen calls it "The room where those catering people work" may have been made up by someone who was married to a person a lot like my wonderful wife.

For another person, a true cook's kitchen with a Viking stove, a Sub-Zero refrigerator and a large island with a completely filled and massive pot and pan rack above would be perfect. For still another, maybe a professional grade home gym or a massive home theatre would be just the ticket.

What would my dream home look like? Possibly a 6 car garage would be the focal point of my fantasy home's design. My point is that all of us are as individual as can be and no one design or floor plan fits all or even many of us. With the number of homes for sale right now at great prices, now is the time to get what you want. Builder's are anxious, developers are in a financial coma, and a lot of Realtors are pretty hungry too. If however you aren't in one of these professions you may be able to purchase a home now for 25% less than it would have cost a couple of years ago. If you are considering a log vacation home, the price reductions are even more striking, with some foreclosure properties selling for only around half of what they were selling for 3 years ago.

If you would like our help in finding the perfect home for your lifestyle, please contact us. With prices at multi-year lows and mortgage rates at all-time lows there may never be a better time to buy your dream home!


davis2 said…
We are very interested in puschasing a house in your area if it is affordable. We would like at laeast a 2bed/bath with wood interior but that is not a necessity. Would llike a small piece of flat land so my husband could plant a small garden
We would love to help! The best way to search for local properties is on our primary site, which is Please email me at if you would like us to assist further.

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