The Demise of Simone

A couple of weeks ago I got concrete confirmation that I've been working too hard. Trying to juggle my work, church, and personal responsibilities has always been a challenge but it recently has gotten more than a little out of hand. Of late my wife Karen doesn't like to ride in an automobile with me while I am working because I've recently become a very busy driver. With my blackberry smart phone in one hand, a sheet of paper in the other, and a lot on my mind it doesn't leave much mental bandwith for driving. Because our foreclosure market has recently gotten really hectic the situation has worsened over the last several months to the point where I may need to consider hiring a driver. Sadly, my beloved BMW (named by my wife "Simone") died a tragic and meaningless death earlier this month when I got distracted while driving on a narrow and twisting Sevier County road and hit a large pickup truck head-on near Sevierville. To make matters even worse my former next door neighbor was the innocent party in the accident. Fortunately, both of us escaped with only minor bumps and bruises but both vehicles were without a doubt totalled:

The point of this tale is not so much about Gatlinburg area real estate but just a warning to try not to work so hard that it makes you less than safe behind the wheel. I am going to try and get a little more sleep each night and hopefully my clients will understand if I am a little slower to respond to their phone calls, emails, and text messages. Rest in Peace, Simone...


Steve said…
Jeff I was in Cobbly Nob a few weeks ago and was backing up to allow another car to pass on a 1 lane road (Near Thissa Way). I backed into a ditch! I am not even a real estate agent!It bent the stabilizer arm and did about $2400 in damage. The tow truck guy was very good and maneuvered the car out like a surgeon. So, Jeff, don't feel too bad. I thought I was paying attention, too!!

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