Strange Subdivision Quirks

In viewing any listing, it is very important to get a feel for the area around the subject property, more often than not this is the subdivision that a home is contained within. In evaluating a recent property for a potential client, I noticed something more than a little odd. This particular upscale subdivision in the Kodak community (at the north end of Sevier County about 20 miles north of Gatlinburg) is nice enough but they are REALLY into decorating their mailbox columns. I guess that this subdivision was built during the heyday of Sevier County real estate development (2005)and maybe money was looser than it is today but these mini-statues mounted on top of the brick mailbox supports really were interesting. Here is what I witnessed:

They started out pretty typical:

And then became just a little whimsical:

But these were followed by some really unique "statuettes". Of course, bear decor is pretty typical in our community and I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that bears were very popular:

And the roots of our Smoky Mountain community are certainly agrarian so it should be no surprise that farm animals were quite popular in this small subdivision: But my personal "favorites" would have to be those of the canine persuasion:

Come to think about it, I may just have to have our wonderful dog Jake immortalized in bronze. On second thought, nah... If you are looking for a wonderful home here in the Gatlinburg area, we can find it, with or without yard statues...


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