Beauty and the Beast Revisited

In my February 9th post to this Gatlinburg Real Estate Blog I wrote about two new listings that were coming out, and referred to them as the Beauty and The Beast. Well, we have the same situation again now. The Beauty is an all brick residence in the Kodak community, overlooking the French Broad River and just a golf cart ride away from the River Islands Golf Course, the #2 public golf course in the entire state of Tennessee. We don't have a price on this property yet but you can view our preliminary photos here.

With a warning to the squeamish or anyone who has recently eaten those photos are available via the link in my next sentence. You have been warned. The Beast is an incredibly unpleasant little shack of a home that I'm amazed folks would actually live in. The bank will clean it out and fix it up as much as possible and we will again have a property that can be sold. Obviously the Beast will have to be priced aggressively as will the Beauty. Whether your tastes in Gatlinburg area real estate go more towards the Beauty or the Beast, we've got you covered.


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