A Breakthrough Ahead for Gatlinburg Real Estate Sales Volume?

Watching the latest numbers for our Gatlinburg area real estate market as I am often prone to do I noticed an interesting trend. It looks like when all the dust finally settles (and it's STILL settling) July 2009's residential sales units may actually match or even exceed July 2008's number. This is important because in the years 2005 ,2006, and 2007 (until the disastrous year of 2008) August's sales have been more than July's. That's what sets up a fairly important test for August 2009. If our local real estate market is in fact recovering, volume must continue to increase before home and cabin prices can significantly improve. If August's unit sales volume doesn't decrease we will for the first time since way back in September 2006 have a year over year increase in residential sales here in the Smokies. While one month doesn't a trend make (as we learned in the very weak month of October 2006) it is a start. Stay tuned to this blog - August is an important indicator of where our Smoky Mountain real estate market may be headed.


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