It's Heck Getting Old, if You're a Human or a House!

As I am now 50+ years old, some (okay several) things aren't working quite like they used to. For instance, my lower back, though better than it once was (ultimately requiring surgery), still has never been quite the same. Additionally, my feet now can't take a joke like they once could. They absolutely resent long hikes or even long walks on the beach if I am foolish enough to stroll the beach for miles barefoot. Sore muscles complain after any sort of unusual exertion and I now have to use reading glasses which is SUCH a nuisance. After having 20-20 vision for all of my life I noticed several years ago that my arms were suddenly no longer long enough to hold a book in order to make the print comfortably legible. It's really tough getting old and after talking with some senior citizen friends I don't think that it gets any better from here going forward. Okay, I'm whining and I know that I have a lot to be grateful for - Among these being Aleve, icy-hot, reading glasses, and Neosporin.

If you were wondering when this post would get around to Gatlinburg real estate that comes now. In real estate, the age of a home is a very significant issue that should not be underestimated. Whether you are looking at a mountain vacation rental log cabin or chalet or a residence in a suburban Sevier County community, the age of the property is something to carefully consider. The large glut of homes (both vacation rentals and full-time residences) built in the last few years in our Smoky Mountain community has created an abundant supply of new and nearly new homes on the market. In almost every case, new trumps old. Kind of like the fact that after I hit a certain age (a long time ago to be truthful) I became a lot less noticed by the opposite sex, older homes have a hard time getting much attention from prospective buyers. While there are some buyers who prefer homes with more character, most go instead for the flashier newer properties with all of the latest must-have features. My wife Karen tells me that she is much more in love with me now than she was before but she is prejudiced and tells me that just to comfort my fragile male ego.

There are other similarities as well. Allstate will not write a new insurance policy on a log home more than 10 years old. Kind of like the fact that I can't get coverage for my pre-existing back condition Allstate apparently feels that older log homes are more likely to have a claim and therefore represent a bad risk. The lesson here is unless there is a feature that is truly remarkable like a fabulous National Park view or maybe a nice creek location, it's best to stick with the newer homes. Less maintenance, easier to insure, and better resale values are all reasons to lean toward more recent construction. As for my wife, she's stuck with me and can't choose a newer more sleek and exciting model and for that I'm very grateful! Besides, Karen loves character!


Anonymous said…
We hear Ya! Glasses are such a pain especially having to reach for everytime I want to read. I am so grateful for the sight I do have especially when I get to view the beautiful Smokey Mountians. We know some day we will own a property whether it's a "shack in the woods" or something newer and fancier.

Sherry W. - Florida

Thanks for the comment! We are blessed to be able to view the mountains by looking out from our offices or out my window when I am working from home. There is truly nothing like a great Smoky Mountain view!

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