Really, A Sevier County Open House!

Realtors in our Gatlinburg area real estate market don't generally do open houses. Actually, I have to admit that I haven't in the past done them very often either. All too often open houses just allow your nosey neighbors the opportunity to see the inside of your home and then gossip later about the decorating, the furniture, or maybe the presence of alcohol inside. Still, desperate times call for desperate measures so I'm now occasionally doing open houses.

My next open house (August 15th) will be for the house I recently wrote about called the Beauty. We are having the home professionally staged and that will make a big difference in its already attractive interior. Most bank owned homes are rather sterile and all too often the former owners of the property take out their frustration on the helpless house by removing appliances, ceiling fans and other light fixtures, bath fixtures, and even hot tubs or other attached items. While the foreclosing bank doesn't have a lien on the furniture the fixtures and anything else that is "screwed or glued" as the saying goes are NOT legitimately the property of the former owners. Still, this doesn't prevent people with low standards and desperate outlooks from removing these items.

With the home we will soon be listing on River Islands Boulevard in Kodak, I will be writing more about the staging process on this Gatlinburg real estate blog. I will also provide before and after photos which should be rather dramatic. Stay tuned...


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