A Spectacular Autumn Color Season Cometh

As the late Paul Harvey said once, "Have you ever seen a fall that wasn't beautiful?", every October is filled with God's radiant colors. Fall 2009 however may be especially beautiful however because of the summer we've had. Frequently by this time of year, the trees are a little stressed and begin dropping their leaves in frustration, if trees can indeed be frustrated. Dry summers, which we actually enjoy for recreation, are tough on our Gatlinburg area vegetation. In fact, the leaves that were so green in the springtime are often a little more subdued by the end of the summer and this leads to only an average fall color season. Because this summer wasn't as hot as some years and was definitely wetter than average this October should truly be wondrous here in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.
As an amateur photographer, our area's natural beauty is a wonderful subject and I am particularly looking forward to some special opportunities this fall. If you want to see the best colors, they usually peak around the third week in October but of course all of this is just a guess. October is our area's second busiest month for tourists because of the fall color show that we enjoy here every year. If you want to come however, make your reservations early because the town will be jumping. If you want to know that you will always have a great place to stay here in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Sevierville area, why not own your own vacation getaway here? Prices are affordable and you can still get great loan rates. If you've never visited the Gatlinburg area during autumn, 2009 may very well be the year to make the trek!


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