Better Late than Never - Gatlinburg Real Estate Sales Results Continue to Improve!

Gatlinburg area Realtors are continuing to report August, 2009 sales even though we are now 11 days into September. I'm not complaining however because the revised numbers are a little better than I had initially forecast. Looks like the final number for August residential sales in our Smoky Mountain real estate market are now going to be closer to 130 as we currently have 128 sales reported. This value equals the performance of a year ago so for two months in a row we have not been below the previous year's values and that hasn't been done for a LONG time. To view the full table and my analysis of the trend for residential sales in our Gatlinburg area real estate market please click here. With September/October looking very strong for our team (I alone currently have 15 pending sales) we may have finally seen the low point for residential unit sales here in the East Tennessee Smokies. Stay tuned, as always, September's initial sales results will be available on this blog October 1st.


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