You Always Look for What You Don't Have...

Many of the 12+ million annual visitors to our Smoky Mountain paradise come from the northern parts of the country. What they are looking for is a slower pace, less pressure, and the natural beauty that the Gatlinburg area is known for. Some visitors are drawn to the shopping and attractions of Pigeon Forge and Sevierville but regardless of where they actually stay, most of our guests are drawn to the family friendly and stunningly beautiful Smoky Mountains for a combination of all of these components. Without a doubt these features are what makes our Smoky Mountain community so special.

Likewise, when we vacation, My wife Karen and I like to find something different from what we enjoy at home here in East Tennessee. One of our favorite places to visit is New England and in particular Boston and the idyllic communities of mid-coast Maine.

Fresh blueberry muffins, real maple syrup, and freshly caught Maine lobsters are what bring me back to this part of the country almost every fall. A little cooler, the autumn preview is always attractive to me but that isn't necessarily my wife's primary reason for coming back. Karen's favorite pastime is without a doubt shopping and she is a world class performer in this particular sport. If you have any doubts, I'll add a photo later of where I am as I write this blog entry.

If you are looking for a Gatlinburg area second home getaway to enjoy milder weather than the northeast winters provide, or maybe a break from the breakneck yankee pace of life, please contact us. Just one warning: Don't come to the Smoky Mountains looking for fresh lobster, blueberries, or maple syrup. We don't do any of those very well! What we DO excel in providing is an environment with exceptionally low taxes, mild weather, spectacular scenery, and a community that is remarkably safe.


people tend to be like that most of the time..:)

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