September Sales Slow Slightly

Sorry about the title to this Gatlinburg Real Estate Blog post, I just couldn't resist the urge to alliterate. September's Smoky Mountain real estate residential sales numbers are in and the results are about even with last year. While better than some months of this year have been, September doesn't yet look to be significantly above last year's tally. Even after all the dust settles in a few more days, our final number will not be much above last year's sales which is a bit of a disappointment. For those of you who like details here is the full chart which can be clicked on for a clearer image as well as a very telling second graph.

What's worse, although it is nearly certain that not every sale has been reported yet, it looks as if sales were down sequentially for the second month in a row. The fall and winter months are generally slower than our peak spring and summer periods so part of the drop is no doubt seasonal. Still, it would be nice to have a few more September sales reported in the next few days...


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