Could It Be? The Light at the End of Tunnel May NOT Be a Train!!

With this November's residential sales now nearly double those from the horrendous month of November 2008 an interesting possibility has come up. It looks as if we just might have more sales for the entire year of 2009 than we did for all of 2008. If so, this would be the first time since 2005 in which Gatlinburg area residential sales have actually increased on a year to year basis. While it is way to early to start counting December sales we only need 108 total units sold in the final month of 2009 to actually surpass the tally for 2008. I personally am blessed to have already closed 4 sales this month and have 10 more pending so if my peers are having a similarly good month we may just do this. Keep your fingers crossed - Prices can only go up if volume increases. For the last five months volume has indeed been greater than the very grisly numbers of a year ago. Here's the latest chart:
For a full size and clearer version please click here. If you have been waiting for the market bottom to arrive you have a problem. Any market price bottom is only clear once it has passed and prices are once again moving upward. While I don't have a crystal ball and wouldn't use it if I did, the numbers are finally beginning to look better. Call or email us for information about great Smoky Mountain properties that are still at exceptional prices.


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