They're Skiing in Gatlinburg!!

With two early snows already this winter, the owners of Ober Gatlinburg are looking forward to a great ski season. I was in the Chalet Village area of Gatlinburg Saturday and my daughter Brittany took these photos:
In the foreground you can clearly see the 5-6 inches of snow that fell Friday night on top of the mountain. In the distance you can see the snow covered main slope of Ober Gatlinburg. Note to self: Carry that telephoto lens even though you don't need it very often. Although you can't really see them, trust me, people WERE skiing. Without my telephoto lens this is the best Brittany could do:

Even though the slopes are covered the roads aren't - Check out the great work by our Gatlinburg City Streets Department:
Thanks to our buyer's market, small condos atop Ski Mountain can be purchased for as little as $45,900!! If you would like to have a ski getaway of your very own please contact us.


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