Wow is it Tough Out There!!

I ran a simple ad online yesterday to advertise an opening in our Gatlinburg real estate office and in less than 24 hours we had nearly 30 applicants. This is a full time position and it is Monday - Friday which is somewhat unusual in our area but I was still bowled over my the number of inquiries. Folks willing to drive over an hour 1 way and to work for much less than their education and experience would indicate they should get means that all the talk of unemployment is not just talk. We are withdrawing the ad this afternoon because we have more inquiries than we can review and have found some truly outstanding candidates for this position. If only selling Gatlinburg real estate were this easy...


Anonymous said…
I was day dreaming about the notion of working for ya'll. My commute would be 12 hours since we live in Florida. My husband and I have been up there 3 times this year. We're trying to purchase a place and would love to make Sevier our home one day. For now though - we'll have to settle for just a vacation!

Sherry W - in Hotter than in needs to be Florida.
We'd love to have you but that would be a terrible commute...
Steve said…
Here is a deal for you Jeff. I could work for you and share the doghouse with Jake!!

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