2009 Continues to Look Better and Better!

As usual, many Smoky Mountain Area real estate firms were late to report their sales for December.  Because of this we are just now getting a clearer picture of the results for not only December but for all of 2009.  As the residential sales numbers do come in the magnitude of the turnaround in our Gatlinburg real estate market becomes clearer.  Here are the latest numbers:

This table shows that we now have a string of 6 consecutive months of positive comparisons versus the year ago period.  If you look at the same data in graph form it looks like this:

The only part of this chart that concerns me a bit is the dip from November to December 2009.  While the dead of winter is generally slow for Gatlinburg area real estate sales the chart would look a little better to me if December pumps up just a little more (which it probably will).  Stay tuned as we head into this new decade!


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