On the Road Again!

This morning, Lord willing, I will be leaving for Scottsdale, Arizona for my annual CyberStars Summit meeting.  Each year, our group gathers to share the very best ideas we have regarding how to integrate the latest technology into our real estate marketing efforts.  Membership in this group is by invitation only and less than 200 real estate professionals worldwide are members of the organization.  Some of the absolutely sharpest people I know are from the CyberStars group and I always learn a lot of good information. For the next 4 days, my head will hurt with new ideas - Somewhat like trying to drink from a water fountain.  I will be back in Gatlinburg late Wednesday and my staff will be holding down the fort while I'm gone.  That's the advantage of having an entire team of professionals.  Clients are not neglected while I am learning how the latest technology can be used to improve our real estate practice.


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