Google Suffering From Hopefully Temporary Amnesia?

We use Google a tremendous amount in our Gatlinburg real estate business practice.  This blog is hosted by Blogger which is now owned by Google.  Photos of all of our listings are hosted on Picassa which is also a Google product.  Our task lists and property records are kept on Google docs which allows all of the members of our team (both in the office and our field agents) to access information from a single (normally very reliable) source regardless of the computer they are using or the software they have installed.  I say normally because there is a problem in the Google "cloud" today particularly noticeable in Google Picassa.  Pictures that are normally displayed in our blog are also not showing up reliably and the results are more than a little frustrating.  Immediately below this paragraph should be one of the 30 properties we have already sold or are pending sales in 2010:
I'm not entirely sure but as I type this it doesn't appear that the photo will be properly displayed when I publish this blog.  If you are looking to see pictures of our listings today isn't a good day to find them but if you are searching for the finest real estate service in the Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, Boyd's Creek, Kodak, Seymour, or Cosby area, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We pride ourselves on the professional service we provide and we DON'T have amnesia today, even if Google does!


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