You Know You're In Big Trouble When...

With a large number of listings, we end up selling all types of Smoky Mountain real estate from Kodak to Gatlinburg to Cosby and occasionally beyond.  From million dollar showplaces to some very modest homes that are little more than shanties, we see (and sell!) it all.  With a Sevier County property we were recently assigned by one of our corporate seller clients we had a real challenge just to locate and then get to the home.  Here's how I could write the directions (and be totally factual) if I wished:

Go past the large automobile junkyard and look for a burned-out mobile home trailer on your right.  Just past the incinerated home, look for another abandoned home on the left and immediately bear left leaving the pavement going onto a gravel road.  From here go about half a mile and then look for the shared drive straight ahead.  Take the middle branch which goes steeply up the ridge.  Avoid the foot deep ruts in the now mainly dirt driveway to the top of the ridge where you will see the dilapidated trailer on your right.  Step past the large amount of garbage and the junk in the yard to the front door which doesn't lock - no key required.  Once inside, take special notice of the areas of the floor which due to significant rot may not support a larger person like myself and wonder how anyone could live like this.

I love the foreclosure real estate business, I love the foreclosure real estate business, I love the foreclosure real estate business (just trying to convince myself)...

Unlike the above soon coming to market listing, we have some very attractive Gatlinburg area real estate properties at extremely competitive prices.  For a complete list of ALL of the area's 300+ foreclosure and short sale properties please click here.


Anonymous said…
Jeff, Before we ever enlisted the assitance of our realtor "Cindy", we would take drives throughout the area ourselves. The directions you descride in this post sounded very much like the directions to many of the properties we looked at! ie. go past the bad dog,DO NOT get out of the car, turn left at the shack with chickens, and so on.. We laughed at some of the "Deliverance" sounding directions. Even so, we loved looking and do have a better grasp on what we are really looking for. We do hold onto hope that we will find something in our range soon with your offices help.

Sherry in Florida
Steve said…
Jeff is it just my imagination or are a majority of the foreclosures in log home communities or developments? Does the lack of acreage and the close proximity to other cabins lend to part of the problem? It just seems that a group of like cabins clustered around each other doesn't give any uniqueness to one place over another. Just a passing thought

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