Next Time I'll Be More Blunt...

Lost a listing this week for a Sevierville residential property that we have had on the market for 6 months.  Very little activity and the sellers weren't pleased.  When we initially discussed what the listing price would be, I tried very gently to explain that due to our current market conditions their house wasn't worth what it had appraised for 2 years ago.  In fact, sadly, it probably isn't worth even what they owe.  Trying to be a "nice" guy, I agreed to their significantly higher than I recommended asking price to "just try".  Six months later they aren't happy and I wasted a good deal of time and marketing effort to no avail.  The moral of the story, if a Smoky Mountain property isn't priced aggressively in this real estate market, it has almost no chance of selling.  With 84 sales this year closed or pending, I have to believe that I know what it takes to sell a Sevier County piece of real estate.  Good photos, an effective description, excellent market exposure, and a compelling price is the recipe for success.  Anything less than this simply won't work in our current Gatlinburg area real estate market...


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