For the Umpteenth Time this Year, A Short Sale Becomes A Foreclosure...

It happened yet again: A great nearly new Gatlinburg area cabin listing on a large lot that another real estate agent had as a very attractive short sale listing was assigned to me as a new foreclosure.  While a lot of people were putting a tremendous amount of time into trying to arrange a short sale, a different bank employee of the same bank (but in a different state probably) was working on completing the foreclosure process.  As so often happens, the foreclosure occurred while the short sale was supposedly being considered.   This is going to be a great listing, but it likely won't be available for a while because of the considerable quantity of personal property that is inside.  The contents may or may not be sold with the property but I wouldn't bet on them staying. 

For more pictures of this superb log cabin on a nice lot with an exceptional view please click here!


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