Thank God They Couldn't Take the View!!

I was assigned a new foreclosure in Pigeon Forge on Thursday and it is absolutely beautiful!  A stunning log look structure with some space around it and a "to die for" view!  When we looked at the rental company's site we saw it was also furnished very nicely.  Here are the original pics:

Spectacular View!!
Log Bedroom Set and Flat Screen Wall Mounted TV
Deluxe Stainless Steel Appliances
Leather Sofa, Flat Screen TV, Log Furniture

Unfortunately, when we arrived on Friday this is what the cabin looked like:
Missing flat screen TV and log furniture
Missing stainless steel appliances

Fortunately, The View Remains!

Although the property was booked on Wednesday with guests, by Friday the cabin was completely gutted. Someone even took the light bulbs and the bear proof garbage container that was anchored into the asphalt driveway!! In case you think I'm exaggerating, here is the proof:
Why some people think that they should remove the contents of a home they no longer own is beyond me!  Although the bank doesn't technically have the right to retain the furniture (because it isn't covered under the deed of trust in Tennessee) the house was purchased fully furnished and the appraisal did reflect the value of the luxurious contents.  The new buyer will have to replace all of that expensive furniture but will be able to purchase the property for about HALF of what it sold for a few years ago.  According to the Sevier County tax records the former owners paid $528,291 almost exactly 3 years ago (8/17/2007) so I am anticipating a foreclosure liquidation asking price of around $250,000.  That will buy a LOT of furniture, appliances, and other contents!  We don't have a price yet but we'll post it here as soon as we do...


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