Uncut Grass Speaks Volumes!

One of my pet peeves is uncut grass on otherwise nice properties.  In my own residential neighborhood, I have a neighbor who refuses to cut their grass with any consistency or quality of effort.  Despite the efforts of our home owners association, they don't trim the corners of their yard or the grass on the sides of their home.  In a neighborhood of primarily $300,000-$600,000 homes, this is simply not acceptable.  It says a lot about their pride of ownership (or the lack thereof) when an owner mows only what can be done from their riding lawn mower and makes no attempt to do the rest of the job.

Don't get me wrong - I'm no fan of lawn care myself.  In fact, I believe that, as a form of recreation, lawn care is HIGHLY overrated.  I am willing however to pay someone to do the job consistently with excellence and our yard and landscaping hopefully show the fact that my wife and I have a healthy amount of pride in our Sevierville home.  With automated irrigation and a good yard man, it isn't that hard to have a great looking yard.

Sometimes however, the uncut grass doesn't just speak - it shouts.  I'm speaking of the homes that are no longer occupied by their owners, or anyone else for that matter.  These unloved homes are in the process of foreclosure, and they stick out like sore thumbs.  When the grass gets over a foot tall it's almost a certainty that the house is somewhere in the foreclosure process.  For this reason I (and lots of other investors) like to drive around looking for tall grass.  Even though the individual situations are often very sad, it usually marks an opportunity for profit.

Sevier County continues to be hit by waves of foreclosures which serve to hold down the overall residential real estate market.  Most all market observers agree that when we eventually get past all of the foreclosure properties, prices will likely again advance.  If you would like to see a free and current list of all Gatlinburg area foreclosure and short sale properties listed by local real estate brokers, please click here.  For free consultation regarding getting a great deal on a foreclosure or non-foreclosure property, please contact us!


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