Wow it's hot out there!!!

August is usually our hottest month in East Tennessee but it's generally cooler in Gatlinburg than in other parts of Sevier County.  It HAS however been the hottest summer here in a long while! The temperature sensor in the rear view mirror of my truck is generally superbly accurate but it WASN'T really this hot in Sevierville yesterday:
Extended idling on a very hot day caused the temperature reading above which was about 40 degrees higher than the actual outdoor temperature.  Fortunately, our summers here aren't normally this steamy and autumn is on the way - I for one can't wait!  If you have never visited Gatlinburg in the fall you've missed a real treat.  Cooler and crisper, the views are better and the scenery is fantastic due to the large number of brightly colored hardwood trees.  If you prefer near 100 degree weather, come as soon as you can - the weather forecasters are predicting a couple more weeks of very warm weather here in the Smokies...


Hi Jeff! I really like your blog. I hope cheer for the success of your business. If not a nuisance, i wanted to ask you, if this high temperature in August may influence the period of snow in Gatlinburg. Can it be a sign of low snow period? What are your expectations for the period of snow for the end of 2010, begining 2011?
If possible email me at Forgive my inconvenience. Thank you so much.

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