Great Foreclosure Bargains Create Motivated Buyers

With 88 closed sales already in 2010 and 20 more pending and a little more than one quarter of the year yet to go I have certainly been very blessed this year.  So many of our friends in the real estate business have not been nearly as fortunate and their situations sadly are reflected quite accurately by this cartoon:
The essential keys to success in the real estate marketing business have always been:
  • Having well priced listings that represent true value as compared with comparable properties.
  • Effective, colorful descriptions of these listings accompanied by attractive photos.
  • Distribution of the information above to the most potential buyers possible. 
One of the real keys to our recent success has been our focus on foreclosure listings.  By the grace of God we saw the foreclosure mess coming early on and started tuning our business in that direction.  Because we are the lead local listing broker for Fannie Mae and CitiBank as well as having associations with several smaller institutions, we have had a continuing supply of foreclosure properties that represent compelling value for potential buyers.  Our website displays all of the properties currently listed for sale by all of the area real estate companies and provides the most information possible - All for free and without requiring the user to register.  You can even view all of the foreclosure and short sale properties listed by members of our Great Smoky Mountain Association of Realtors on our site by clicking here.  Please contact us for more information about upcoming properties of interest.


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