Mt. LeConte, Gatlinburg

Looking for something to blog about today and not feeling particularly inspired I took a quick detour on the Foothills Parkway route around Gatlinburg this afternoon and was greeted by this view. Mt. LeConte (pronounced "LehCont") towers above Gatlinburg and is a focal point within the picturesque Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The peak of Mt. LeConte is called High Top which is over 1 MILE in elevation above the city of Gatlinburg which is at 1,289 feet above sea level. This is the largest gap in elevation of any location east of the Mississippi River and creates a dramatic scene:
To see the full mountain range would require a panoramic photo which I was not prepared to take during my brief stop but you can get a bit of an idea by the following photograph:
No wonder people keep coming to the Smoky Mountains - They are stunning!!  If you would like to own your own Smoky Mountain getaway you couldn't ask for a better environment for potential Gatlinburg real estate buyers.  Please contact us for all of the details.


Anonymous said…
Mt. Leconte is a very beautiful place. i just hiked up there in June. got to see the lodge and the Lama train bringing in supplies. One hike I will never forget! Bob
I made the hike a few years ago and it is a great experience. Would love to go again but need to drop a few pounds first!
Harkin85 said…
I agree with Anonymous, Mt. Leconte is a very beautiful place.

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