Preliminary August Sales Results for Gatlinburg Area Residential Real Estate Sales

August has ended and the early results indicate that we will again fail to reach last year's totals.  Though we will likely not finish as far below August 2009's tally as we did in July, it appears that Smoky Mountain residential sales will again fall short of last year's total.  The early total for the month's Gatlinburg area residential sales is 114 but we will certainly see several more August sales posted and won't have a final number for ten days to as long as two weeks.  The final number will likely be between 125 and 130 but would have to build all the way to 137 to surpass last year's total and that just isn't likely.

With difficult comparisons for the remaining months of the year I suspect that we will fail to beat 2009's numbers for the balance of the year.  I am however quite certain that 2010's total sales will surpass those of 2009 because of the large lead we built during the first half of the year.  Here is the preliminary chart of residential sales by month:
For a clearer version of the above table please click here.

On a personal note we have been greatly blessed this year in a lot of different ways.  The roughly 500 agents in our board have combined for fewer than 2400 transaction sides this year, meaning that the average agent has only had about 5 sales in all of 2010.  By the grace of God we have been MUCH more fortunate...


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