Jeff & part of the Schoenfield Team Hike Mount LeConte

They even provide proof of the date of your visit!
Yes, I made the hike last Saturday! It's been several years and more than a few pounds gained since I have hiked to the peak of Mt. LeConte (pronounced "Leycont"). This lodge is only accessible by foot but the truly spectacular views are well worth the effort!!
The fall colors don't show up in this photo but they are remarkable in person!!
The North Carolina side of the National Park
Steep cliffs that we (not having rapelling gear) walked around...
The operators of the lodge obtain their non-perishable supplies once a year via a giant helicopter freight drop that takes several trips and a few hours while the perishable supplies are brought up by llama once a week.  Although I don't have a picture of the llama trek yet I do have several that I took from 2006 of the annual helicopter drop operation:
For an idea of the size of this beast, note the two men standing to the left...

A closeup of the big bird

And she's up!
And the payload is lowered behind the ridge to the lodge below.
There are so many wonderful reasons to visit the Gatlinburg area but Mount LeConte in the fall is surely one of my favorite examples of God's glorious creation. If you are considering owning your own place here in the Smokies we have all the infromation that you need regarding Gatlinburg real estate. We can't sell you the Great Smoky Mountains National Park but we can get you a cabin or home with a great view!!


Anonymous said…
Way to go Jeff!My trip up last june was the highlight of my summer. At 60 I knew that i had better get up if i was ever going to make it there. Well worth the effort. Bob H
Thanks Bob! I go every few years but since I weigh more than before it is even more challenging. Made a promise to myself that I would lose some weight before I try it again!!!

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