Gatlinburg Real Estate Market Stats for October - The Update

Since it is nearly the middle of November we can now publish a much more accurate number for October's Gatlinburg area residential real estate sales.  October has filled out nicely as agencies have finally reported their company's sales and the tally now stands at 134.  My initial estimate for what this number would be was the mid 130's and that looks to be right on target as of today.  Still about 12% less than October 2009 but that was near the peak of the government's home buyer tax credit program which significantly skewed the market.  Here is the updated table for October and years past - For a clearer version please click on the image below:
What does November 2010 look like you ask?  Although it's much too early to know for sure, my November closed and pending sales look pretty good actually.  I personally have 4 closed sales already in November and 11 more that should close this month.  If my peers in our Great Smoky Mountain Association of Realtors also have a good month, November might surpass 2009's total of 138 but I rather doubt that will happen.  Not since 2006 has a November total been greater than the previous month - Looks like our board's new "in the red" streak will likely continue...


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