We Hiked LeConte JUST IN TIME!!!

In case you haven't heard, Mt. LeConte had it's SECOND accumulating snow last week.  I've been on the mountain when there was ice and promised myself I would NEVER do it again.  Unless you have the proper gear for ice the trail is treacherous and no fun at all for an amateur like myself.  If you want to see what we didn't run into during our wonderful hike just two weeks ago, please click here.

Gatlinburg (other than Mt. LeConte!) won't likely be a winter wonderland until later in the season (usually December/January is when our first accumulation of snow arrives).  If you were thinking about hiking Mt. LeConte, might I suggest waiting until the spring??  If on the other hand you were considering purchasing Gatlinburg area real estate there may never be a better time.  Call or email us for current market information and where the best opportunities can be found.


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