When Trees Attack!

I really love the picturesque trees our Smoky Mountain community is famous for but a young man who attends our church showed me a picture this morning that really took my breath away.  His Land Rover was flattened by a large pine tree that fell during a pretty good windstorm last night here in Sevierville.  Fortunately Josh wasn't in his vehicle at the time of the assault but it could have been horrible:

In fact, this isn't the first time in the last couple of years when a friend has been hit by a falling tree.  In 2009 my friend Mark was minding his own business when a falling tree literally struck him on top of his head, earning him a trip on the medical evac helicopter and several days in the area's only trauma center hospital in Knoxville.  Actually, the falling tree nearly killed him.  Fortunately, Mark has made a full recovery and is back at work, apparently no worse for the wear.

The lesson of this story is to keep in mind that any tree can create a very hazardous situation if it falls unexpectedly.  The other moral of the story is that when you hear that loud cracking sound, DUCK QUICKLY!!


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