Kidney Stones, Small Snow Showers, and Other Nuisances!

It's been quite a while since I've posted anything to this Gatlinburg real estate blog but I've got a pretty good excuse. That's right kidney stones, and not once but twice have I had this experience in the past couple of weeks. The Thanksgiving break would have been alot more enjoyable had it not been for round two of my kidney stone experience. Add to this the fact that we have been busy and short-handed while one of my staff has been vacationing and you get the picture.

While I was out of pocket November ended and although not all of the dust has settled it looks like this:
To view a clearer version of the image above please click anywhere on the table.  Although it looks as if our market will exceed 2009's total sales the last couple of months do show us losing ground again.  Of course, last year's period did have the government's incentive for first time home buyers in place which certainly made a difference.  Oh yes, it snowed last night in Gatlinburg...


Thanks for sharing a visual chart. Informative and interesting stuff.
Nice for sharing...


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