Don't Give Your Rookie Status Secret Away

Local folks living in the Gatlinburg area have several ways of knowing if someone is very familiar with our area.  Some ways are obvious like when someone asks for directions to one of the focal points of our area such as the Great Smoky Mountains Visitor's Center or possibly to Dollywood.  Some aren't so obvious however.  One sure way to give away the fact that you aren't familiar with our area is to mispronounce the name of my hometown, Sevierville.  If you pronounce it as if it were spelled "Seaverville" you have erred!  If you say our town's name and it sounds sort of like the first part of the name of a famous pitcher, you didn't get it right.  The correct pronunciation is as if it were spelled "Severeville" as in I have a severe desire to go to the Smokies.  Think severely pretty and you will have it right.

Another obvious miscue that also revolves around a mispronunciation is calling our office's town "Gatlingburg".  There are only two g's in Gatlinburg, and one is at either end of the word - There is NO g in the middle!  This trips up some people who aren't very familiar with the Tennessee Smoky Mountains area.  If you want to sound like a local, that can take forever, but if you don't want to sound like an uninformed visitor, watch for these two fairly common mistakes and your chances of looking like someone without a clue about our Gatlinburg area are much lower.  If you don't want to be uninformed about Gatlinburg area real estate, please contact us!


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