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Just wondering how many folks are out there reading this Gatlinburg real estate blog.  Please comment with your home town - You can even stay anonymous if you wish. If you want, tell me more about yourself (if you already own property in Sevier County or are just considering doing so, what you would like me to write about in the future, etc.).  Thanks in advance for your comments, whatever they might be!!


Anonymous said…
I read your blog regularly and look forward to new updates. I own a Cabin in Black Bear Falls. Dave - Dayton, Ohio
Thanks Dave! We really appreciate the comment. Hopefully the other 50-75 people who view our blog will also comment...
Anonymous said…
I've been reading for a couple of years and hopefully someday will have the cash to jump in with the knowledge you provided. One thing I noticed was in the TN tax assessment database it seems sevier county changed how it lists foreclosure prices why hide the data. M from Knoxville

Not really sure what you are looking at but I will try to duplicate your results if you can give me a little more information. Were yoiu looking at the Sevier County Tax Assessor data website or were you using a different site?


Anonymous said…
I have read your blog regularly and checked the foreclosure site for a couple years now. I too hope to purchase a cabin one day in Gatlinburg. My wife and I visit the area twice a year to hike the trails. Would like to know more about getting pre-qualified so when the right cabin comes along we are ready to jump in. Thanks for all the information you provide. Steve - Grand Rapids, MI

Thanks for your comment & the suggestion!! It is very important to be pre-qualified because most sellers will require a pre-qualififcation prior to even considering an offer. I will try to write something regarding loan applications and pre-approvals in the near future.

Thanks again,

Anonymous said…
I am a cabin owner in PF who reads your blog regularly as I'm always looking for info on the area. I'm live in central GA. I'm really wanting to sell my cabin, but trying to determine when the right time might be to place it on the market. By the way, I bought it new 5 yrs ago (2BR).
Thanks for the comment Dave! Black Bear Falls is a very attractive Gatlinburg cabin community that I helped the developer to purchase way back when it was first created. If your property isn't causing a financial strain, I would wait to sell it. Every other hard (not financial) asset other than real estate has begun to experience significant inflation. In contrast, real estate, especially second homes, has deflated in value since the bubble burst. I expect that at some point in the future real estate prices will also experience inflation. Look at what has already happened to the prices of gold, food, and other commodities.
Anonymous said…
Hey Jeff...the wife and I live in SW Virginia and make 6 or 8 trips Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area a year. I don't quite remember how I stumbled across your blog, however I have it bookmarked on the computer and check in once every day or two...
Thanks for your comment! I know SW Virginia quite well and almost 25 years ago my residence was actually up in Johnson City. Working as a computer salesperson there, part of my territory extended through the coal country of Wise, Grundy, and Tazewell VA as well as some of WV going up as far as Beckley. If you don't already own property here in the Gatlinburg area, this is a great time to look at what you can buy. What else do you know that sells for no more (or even less) than it did 5 years ago? Certainly not automobiles, food, energy, gasoline, or anything else that I can think of right now...
Anonymous said…
The referenced web site is the TN State tax assessment data base. Also can you maybe expand on what types of property make the best investment properties like those rerenced in your recent entry(eg. in GB, near Dollywood, condo, cabin etc.)

Dear M,

The site I prefer to use for tax information is available only via a fairly expensive subscription plan. The best free information that I am aware of can be found at but for some reason that site isn't working this evening...
Anonymous said…
Hi Jeff -
My wife and I routinely read your blog. We own a piece of land in the Homestead in Wears Valley. We appreciate you taking the time to share your insight regarding the local market trends.
Paul - Ashburn, VA
Thanks for the comment Paul! The Homestead is a very attractive community that I had an involvement in early on. Several years ago I actually had listed the 895 acres that was the bulk of the project's land. One of our agents represented the Taylor family that was the developer of the project. A very nice sale indeed!!
ucBearcat said…
Hey Jeff, I also read your blog every once in a while as I find it very interesting and informative. I currently own a cabin in Autumn Ridge Estates. Not real happy with the drop in property values, but I am fortunate to experience well above average rentals as the area boast spectacular views of the mountains and a great feeling of luxurious seclusion. Imagine the nighttime light from a full moon with a million stars highlighting the majesty of those mountains. Me in the hot tub sharing a favorite drink with my significant other. I tell you that moment makes it all worthwhile and reminds us not to worry, rather be happy. Yep, mark me down as a happy investor. I agree, some great bargains out there for those in the market!

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