Isn't it Funny - The Emperor Really Doesn't Have ANY Clothes!!

Odd how the states with the highest taxes seem to often be the ones in the worst financial condition.  Wisconsin, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and California all have very high tax burdens that their citizens must bear and yet they are in no better shape financially (and in some cases much worse) than states like Florida, Texas, and Tennessee that have no income taxes.  One of the reasons people continue to retire to Tennessee (and Florida and Texas) is because of our very low taxes.  In Sevier County, we have one of the lowest real estate tax rates in the nation and we still don't have an income tax on earned income.  I expect that even more people will flee Illinois due to their recent sharp increase in their state income tax.  If you are taxed enough already, come to Gatlinburg.  Our low real estate taxes, no income tax, low crime, beautiful scenery, and mild climate are just some of the reasons why more and more people are retiring to Tennessee.


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