Faces of Gatlinburg Foreclosures

I often tell people that due to the nature of our Gatlinburg real estate market, it isn't as much fun as it used to be.  In an up market, everyone is happier and the job is much more pleasant.  In our current market environment, people are often caught in a downward spiral where one bad event leads to another.  With many construction related industries shedding jobs there are a lot of skilled and unskilled laborers who are out of work.  If you can't work, you can't pay the mortgage and that of course leads to foreclosure.  When we see vacation homes in foreclosure, it is still saddening but not to the extent that it is when the home in question is a primary residence.  Nothing is sadder than when children are involved as was the case earlier this week.

When we post a house with a foreclosure notice on behalf of the foreclosing entity, they often require photographic evidence of the fact that the former owner has been notified.  For this reason, I always take a photo with my cell phone camera of the placed posting and email the image to the bank for their files.  All of the above is to explain the photo below:
Look very closely at the image above.  You can see where I redacted the street address for the sake of privacy and safety.  Look even closer and through the door's glass pane in my shadow, you will see a young girl the age of my granddaughter (5 years old) who lives (for the time being) in this foreclosed home.  Blame the banks, realtors, appraisers, builders, or even the buyer - You simply can't blame an innocent child.  And this is what I currently DON'T like about my job, even if I was in 2010 the Number One selling agent within the RE/MAX system within all of Tennessee.


Fred said…

Definitely a sad part of someone's job.
I guess a sad part of today's economic real estate situation.

Fred Cianelli

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