Oh My!! A Giant Sized Single Rock Landslide in The Smokies

This morning there was news that a rock slide had occurred on Wears Valley Road (US Highway 321), just a few miles north of our office (as the crow flies) but in the Wears Valley community.  I had to go that direction to take pictures of a new Gatlinburg area foreclosure that we will soon have listed and this is what I came upon:
Note that the fallen rock is a single chunk of the mountain that is at least twice the size of the car that is going by it!  When those signs say, "Watch for Falling Rock", they ain't just whistling Dixie as the old saying goes.  Believe it or not, this picture doesn't quite do justice to just how large the rock really is.  It is a rough cube in shape, approximately as deep as it is tall and wide.  You really could fit about two SUVs within the volume that this rock occupies.  Even more amazingly, the rock came from the rather obvious void visible in the top right corner of the photo.  That's right, it ROLLED to where it is now located.  Now that had to be impressive...


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