Tired of Working for Someone Else? - Change Your Lifestyle!

Don't get me wrong - There are a few good reasons to work for a traditional employer.  Healthcare and other benefits, limited work hours, and a degree of security quickly come to mind.  However, with the current state of the economy it seems that these reasons are quickly becoming diminished while the reasons to work for yourself continue to grow ever stronger.  Not being beholden to an unappreciative company (or boss!), flexibility, and simply the joy of creating something that you OWN are all excellent reasons to consider working for yourself.

We have just listed one of the most attractive shops I know of here in the Smokies.  Located in the Arts and Crafts Community of Gatlinburg in the Glades area, the Farmhouse Store has a remarkable collection of unique crafts and authentic country gifts that sell very well.  Here are some photos of the shop I took this week showing the collection of merchandise that the proprietors, Debbie and Donald Smith offer to vacationing visitors:

From handmade baskets to unique horseshoe art, these creative owners have certainly found a profitable niche in Gatlinburg's economy.  If you are tired of working for "the man" (or "the woman"!), consider what it would be like to own your own business and work for yourself.  Take it from me (self-employed for many years), you'll be glad that you did!!  Priced at only $50,000, this may be your chance to change your life!!


Hmmm.. this idea seems so interesting! I think you are right, I need to change my lifestyle, and I will start it in my home. Anyway, thanks for sharing this idea. Looking forward for your next post.

Ray Brickman said…
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