Bear's Back, but Good News: He/She's NOT a Smoker!!

Our Gatlinburg real estate office is only 1/2 a mile from the main Parkway (US Highway 441) that goes through the center of town.  It is also apparently becoming a favorite spot for our local black bears to visit.  Unfortunately, black bears become less and less fearful of people and more interested in getting into garbage than foraging for wild berries or nuts.  That isn't good because they can become a threat to people if a mother bear believes her cub is at risk.  This cub (yes, I did put words in his/her mouth - see below) was looking for some easy to score food but apparently isn't yet addicted to nicotine...
"These smell interesting and don't seem like as much of a challenge as that big dumpster."

"Which non bear-proof container should I try today??"

"Doesn't take much to knock one of these over.  Wonder what the prize inside is?"

"A little tougher than my normal plastic can but there's the lid!"

"Is the coast clear??"

"Not nearly as tasty as what I had in mind..."

And then he walked away, without as much as lighting up.  Smart bear...


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