Sorry, I've Been Away...

Something I've almost NEVER done before is go a full month without a single post to this blog. Unfortunately, that has happened and were it not for today's post I wouldn't have filed a single message in October which sadly is nearly over now. I do have some pretty good excuses that I won't go into but the good news is that the clouds are clearing and I expect to be living a more nearly normal life very soon.

Even though I didn't write about it at the time, lots of things have been happening with Gatlinburg area real estate. September turned out to be a very good month for the members of the Great Smoky Mountain Association of Realtors, far surpassing my expectations for the month.  In fact, 149 residential units were reported sold by the MLS, the best number by far for all of 2011. During September, the average sales price reported was $151,362 which did not set a new low. That statistic wasn't however much above the many year low average sale price which was set in the month of April 2011 at a paltry $150,779. The following chart may illustrate some insights I have regarding our Gatlinburg area real estate market:

Although October isn't quite over, it appears that the average sale price for the month will be in the $154,000 - $155,000 range so maybe prices are finally making a bottom. Stay tuned, I'm back at work!


Yes I agree with you that September consider to be a great month by which 149 residential units were reported sold by the MLS.

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