It's That Time of Year Again, Time with The Smartest People I Know!

Each year, I join a group of about 100 of the most tech savvy, top producing real estate agents in the entire world, the CyberStars. Allen Hainge created this group over 10 years ago to further the use of technology among real estate agents and the group has grown since then. At no other conference I attend will every participant have a laptop or tablet open and most of these people are top producers in the industry as well. Every year, we share ideas about how to serve our clients better and more efficiently. We discuss marketing, management, cost controls, legal and ethics issues and much more. My staff worries that I will come home to Gatlinburg and want to change everything that we are doing in our real estate practice because of what I have learned at this 3 day conference. Fortunately for them, I already like most of what we are doing so I don't anticipate many changes. With over 100 sales personally in 2011, we must be doing something right...


Anonymous said…
Yes you are doing something right...But don't forget to always ask for the sale!

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