Options Are Only Optional the First Time You Choose Them

I recently purchased a truck to replace my trusty vehicle that I have enjoyed since buying it new 10 years ago. With VERY few problems and a lot of miles racked up, I decided it was time to trade. In sizing up my options, I ended up with a replacement that I am quite happy with. Funny thing is that I have become quite spoiled. I considered another version of the same vehicle but because that particular truck didn't have a leather interior or heated seats, I decided it just wouldn't work.

The fact is that once you have an option, it is very hard to purchase your next vehicle without the same option or accessory. My reason for writing this here is that the same thing is true for homes. Once you are used to certain features, it is VERY unusual to settle for a home without the same options/amenities. People who vacation here expect their getaway home to be at LEAST as nice as the home they live in when they aren't on vacation. For this reason, people considering the purchase of a vacation rental property here should carefully consider what the second home already has and what can with a reasonable expense be added. The following options are now pretty well requirements to have a successful Smoky Mountain vacation rental:

  • Mountain view
  • Hot tub on the deck
  • Jetted tub indoors
  • Pool table
  • Video games
  • Wi-Fi internet access
 While a Gatlinburg area rental property doesn't HAVE to have ALL of these amenities, it will rent best if it does. Failing to have any of these features will make the property a less attractive option and the rental market here is SO competitive. Let me know if I have missed any options that you look for when considering a vacation rental here in the Smokies...


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