Our Team's Phenomenal Buyer's Agents

Like any successful team, the Schoenfield Team has team members who are specialists in particular fields and others who are more like utility players who play any position as needed. Our team has three members who specialize in working with Smoky Mountain real estate buyers. They help our clients find excellent homes at good prices and then make sure that the transaction is as smooth and pleasant as possible. Working with buyers every day requires a certain mindset and it isn't the easiest work by any means. Showing property every day demands specific market segment knowledge as well as the ability to understand what a would-be buyer is looking for when sometimes even the buyers themselves aren't exactly sure what that perfect property looks like...

It's always nice to hear about when one of our team members has done a particularly good job. Actually, I believe that it happens much more often than I hear about, but people often don't have the time to let us know. Here's an email that I recently received about Cindy Hopson, one of our expert Buyer Specialists:
I would like to inform you that we were extremely pleased with Cindy's customer service, real estate knowledge, and personal skills to listen to our needs and find us the cabin we were searching for. This cabin is house number 14 in 4 different states in 36 years and we have never come across such an excellent realtor. Cindy truly cares about her clients and follows through, communicates, shows commitment and goes above and beyond to make sure all details, documents, utilities are in line. Cindy is by far the best realtor we have worked with and ReMax should be thrilled that she is a part of your team. I am a very picky, detail oriented person as Cindy will attest to this and speak my mind when a professional does or does not perform to what I believe is appropriate. I would recommend Cindy as a seller or buyers realtor without a doubt. Cindy is a 5 Star Realtor and definitely in the right profession. If your association hands out annual awards, Cindy certainly deserves one for 2012. Kindest Regards,Regina LeBlanc
If you are looking for the same professional level of service in your search for Gatlinburg area real estate, please let us know. Cindy is just one of our three excellent Buyer Specialists and any member of our team will work to make sure that you get the same professional level of service that Ms. LeBlanc received earlier this year. One last thing - When we do a great job for you please take just a minute to write a quick email to us. It's always nice to hear when we've done a great job!!


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