Tornadoes in Gatlinburg??

Although East Tennessee and Southeastern Kentucky are again under a severe weather watch this evening, this reminded me of an interesting fact. To my knowledge, there has not been a tornado that has actually touched down in the Gatlinburg area since records have been kept. Seems that the mountains keep the storms from forming or gaining great strength. Flatter areas like the midwest and particularly Kansas are MUCH more at risk of killer weather.

Reason # one hundred something that I love living here in Sevierville is that we don't get severe weather. No tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, or other life threatening phenomena are seen here. Even in a very busy spring weather season, we just don't have to worry about this stuff. Although some areas are flood prone, that certainly isn't a problem if you stick with higher elevation properties (which have the best views).

If you are tired of severe weather and other challenges where you live, why not consider relocating to Sevier County and the Gatlinburg area?? We'd love to help you find a great place to live here in the relatively safe Smoky Mountains!


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